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New generation of natural healthy supplements, based on sublingual way

Healthy Supplements with Innovative Formulas


SaludBox complement nutritional products are built on an intense investigation and product development with the purpose of satisfying the necessities of a more demanding market with sophisticated functional products using the benefits of chewing and sublingual function.

SaludBox healthy supplements are available in chewing gums, gummies and chewable tablets.

A brief history:

The chewing gum is not a recent invention. The habit of chew it is over 5000 years ago, during the Neolithic era. The humans by then chewed different vegetables substances to calm the hungry or the anxiety.

The habit of chew continues during the evolution over the centuries. One example that demonstrate it: In the years 50 before Christ, the Greeks chewed resin of entina.

This tradition is reintroduced in SaludBox products, with the addition of the technological innovations offered by the dietary supplements sector, in order to create pharmaceutical health-enhancing chewing gum and chewable products.

Sublingual Way

The attractive format of Saludbox supplements helps the absorption of the active ingredients in the organism through the sublingual way.


The advantages are the following:



Helps the QUICK action of the active ingredients


A greater quantity of the active ingredient is absorbed: EFFECTIVENESS in the organism


Facilitates ADHERENCE to the treatment because it is EASY TO TAKE


Went in depth in the benefits of the sublingual way, turn out to be that the sublingual way avoids “the first step effect” that happens with the conventional oral way in which active ingredients loose parts of their properties due to the effect of the gastric enzymes.


Actually with the sublingual and chewable way the active ingredients do not go through the digestive system, so they aren’t metabolized through the liver. As a result by the sublingual way you may be able to take a smaller dose of active ingredients, and still achieve the same or greater therapy effectivity.

But this is not everything, this potential sublingual way, permits a biggest velocity of absorption and a bioavailability more elevated, that result the quick action of the active ingredients by your body and a great level of effectiveness.