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Becalm SA

Innovative, natural, highly effective



Becalm SA is a Greek company that studies, develops, produces and promotes innovative over the counter and cosmetic products as well as food supplements.


Our goal is to ensure the improvement of good health, well-being and beauty of consumers for a better quality of life, through the development and presentation of quality and innovative healthcare products. At the same time, our aim is to make our products a reliable and trusted proposal for Doctors and Pharmacists.


Our primary priority is to offer safe and effective high quality products based on natural, high quality ingredients, combined with highly effective formulas based on scientific studies and user-friendly compositions, with respect to our consumer and partners.


Our vision is for our products to be first on consumers' preferences and to be a reference point in the markets we have presence.


Our own products are produced exclusively in Greece. At the same time we represent innovative products of foreign pharmaceutical companies that share the philosophy and values ​​of our company. Our medical team details all products to Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Pathologists, Cardiologists, Dermatologists and Dentists.


Our products are found in pharmacies all over Greece, in Cyprus and in selected countries of Europe & Middle East.


The founders and executives of Becalm SA are people with love for the industry, dedication, creativity, and with significant and long-lasting experience in multinational and major Greek pharmaceutical and consumer companies.


We recognize that our business success and growth as a company is based on our people. So the strategy and culture of our company focuses on them as they are our driving force. That is why we are trying to attract, develop and maintain the most skilled people in medical information, sales and marketing to ensure that our business goals and priorities are continually achieved.


We systematically invest in the continuous development and knowledge of our people through continuous training and specialized seminars in our field. Our aim is to strengthen their customer focus skills and consumers' needs and wants understanding, so as to achieve their personal and professional development.


At Becalm SA we offer a range of pharmaceutical & parapharmaceutical products and dietary supplements of the following categories:


  • Stomach disorder

  • Oral Hygiene

  • Skin health (dermatology)

  • Health Care

  • Beauty

  • Food Supplements (Improving quality of life)


We ensure that:


  • We create and produce products based on natural ingredients that ensure high efficient, safe and user-friendly products.

  • Our products do not contain synthetic ingredients that may have harmful effects on human health

  • Our products are based on scientific studies and laboratory research.

  • We offer reliable and effective products addresing doctors and health consultants needs for their patients therapy.

All of our products are produced in Greece, a conscious choice in order to support Greek activity, in accordance to our corporate principles and values.


Our products are sell in pharmacies all over Greece as well as in Cyprus and in selected countries of Europe & Middle East.