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Lipbecalm pediatric

Lipbecalm pediatric is especially formulated for infants and children (0 months onwards). It contains 10 natural ingredients for the care of lip and nose, no parabens and no colorants.


Repairs, moisturizes and protects the sensitive skin of baby nose and lips from cold and sun, flu, handkerchief abrasions, wind, allergic rhinitis catarrhal mucus.


Wonderfull cherry flavor that the children love.


You may use as frequently as needed.

The sole lip balm
appropriate for infants

Lipbecalm pediatric is the sole safe lip balm for infants from 0-12 years old. It contains no parabens, no colorants and the formula is based on natural ingredients such as melissa officinalis, hamamelis virginiana, helianthus, allantoine, shea butter, especially focused on infants and children.


Lipbecalm pediatric protects from weather agressions (wind, cold sun) hydrates the sensitive skin of lips and nose, repares dryness and soothes irrited childrens skin.


Cherry flavor very pleasant to the children.


To relieve the child, you only have to apply a small quantity on the area of nose and lips.


Apply as often as needed.

Lipbecalm pediatric is available in two packaging forms of 10 ml


  • Tube (fluid)

  • Jar