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Repair Balm
for nose and lips

Lipbecalm is a repair balm of select ingredients especially formulated for the repair of damage and the protection of nose and lip skin


Immediate relief – total protection


Lipbecalm is the solution to the protection and repair of nose and lip skin when it is irritated from:


  • Cold and flu

  • Allergic rhinitis

  • Use of handkerchiefs

  • Chapped lips due to rhetinoids

Lipbecalm  for puberty acne

One of the major puberty problems is acne. It affects about 85% of all young people aged 12-24 yers old while 12% of all men and women manifest symptoms up to 44 years.


To treat acne, dermatologists use rhetinoid treatments. Rhetinoids, present as side effect severe skin dryness redness and chapping. Since the lips don’t have sweat glands, the symptoms are especially severe.


Due to its unique formulation, lipbecalm repairs the damage and restaures natural beauty.


Lipbecalm is available in two packaging forms of 10 ml


  • Tube (fluid)

  • Jar