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Strong and healthy

Have you got iron deficiency? Saludbox Ferrum chewing gum & sublingual tablet guarantees the improvement of iron levels in blood. 


Saludbox Ferrum is a natural food supplement in two formats. One in chewing gum format with spearmint flavor & the second in sublingual tablet format with orange flavor. Both are based on Iron that contributes to the transport of oxygen around the organism and reduces the exhaustion and the fatigue, Folic acid that contributes to the formation of structural proteins and hemoglobin and the B12 Vitamin that intervene in the formation of the red blood cells (RBCs).

Both products have a pleasant taste, gum is spearmint flavoured & tablet is orange flavoured, in order to help reduce the bad taste of this kind of dietary supplements.


Target Group:

Saludbox Ferrum is highly recommended to all those people who have lower level of iron than usual and also to those that have a higher risk for anaimia, such as:


  • Pregnant women

  • Women who had two pregnancies in a short time

  • Adolescents at the age of menstruation

  • Women during the menstrual period

  • People who follow strict hypothermic diets

  • Vegetarians (whose diet is not properly designed)

  • Athletes and sportswomen

  • Elderly people

  • People with intense stress and intense program that do not feed properly

  • People who have thalassemia trait

Suitable for children from the age of 6 years old. 



  • Helps to reduce the exhaustion and fatigue.

  • It helps keep defenses, keeping our immune system in good condition.

  • Improve the symptom of anemia.

Why it is unique
  • Saludbox Ferrum is the ideal combination to meet the individual's nutritional needs in each of the ingredients it contains (iron, folic acid & vitamin B12) and also in sufficient quantities so as to strengthen the human body.

  • It achieves greater absorption of ingredients than any other form of food supplements (drinking, capsules, tablets, etc.) due to the chewing gum & sublingual tablet form.

  • It is released and absorbed quickly and completely (by 100%), not in stomach but directly in the duodenum and achieves the increase of hemoglobin due to its microencapsulated ferric saccharide form.

  • Saludbox Ferrum supplement is for all groups of people including children. Dosage starts at the age of 3 (generally from the age young children can chew gum or swallow a sublingual tablet) and reaches the elderly group age.

  • It has a pleasant taste. Most dietary supplements have a bad taste giving sense of a metallic taste in the mouth which makes them repulsive and especially by children who do not give a second chance to this unpleasant taste.

  • Saludbox Ferrum is also suitable for diabetics since it is sugar free.

  • It does not cause any side effect such as nausea, vomiting and constipation, like most iron supplements on the market, that are often the cause that many people with iron deficiency anemia do not follow the intake instructions.

  • Saludbox Ferrum can be taken at any time of the day without the need to be accompanied by specific foods. In contrary the intake instructions of common iron supplements are for 30 minutes before the meal on an empty stomach and without having consumed dairy products at the same time, for a better absorption. In addition, common iron supplements (contrary to Saludbox Ferrum) suggest to be accompanied with vitamin C for better absorbion, making the intake really difficult.

A word of caution
  • It is recommended to take 1 chewing gum or 1 subligual tablet per day independently of the meals.

  • For better absorption of the gum ingredients, chew for 3-5 minutes. After that time you can continue chew for as long as you want.

  • The dietary complements must not use as a substitute of a varied and balanced diet.

  • Keep away from the kids.

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • It doesn’t contain lactose.

  • It doesn’t contain sugar.

  • It doesn’t contain gluten.

  • Do not exceed recommended daily dose

  • Do not use it if you are allergic in any of its ingredients.


Active Ingredients:

Iron: Necessary for the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, helps to produce energy while reducing exhaustion and fatigue. It also contributes to the normal transport of oxygen to the body and to the strengthening of the immune system.

Folic acid: Folic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin B complex whose long-term deficiency leads to the appearance of megaloblastic anemia. It contributes to normal hematopoiesis, normal immune function, and maternal tissue development during pregnancy. Finally, it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B12: This is a water-soluble vitamin B complex that participates in many physiological functions of the body. Long-term deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to the appearance of megaloblastic anemia. It also contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells.


Quantity per day


  • Iron 14 mg                    100%

  • Folic acid 150 mcg       100%

  • Vitamin B12 2,5 mcg    100%

* %RDA: % recommended daily allowances


The combination of iron with folic acid and vitamin B12 form an excellent formula for the overall improvement of blood quality (blood profile).

Saludbox Ferrum is distributed in pharmacies in Greece, in two packagings.

  • Box that contains 30 chewing gums  &

  • Box that contains 30 subligual tablets