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What is Byestres?

Saludbox Byestres is a food supplement, that due to its ingredients, tryptophan, melissa and squtellaria, which have relaxing properties, helps to reduce anxiety and stress.


It is recommended for all people with increased levels of anxiety.


Available in pharmacies in Greece, packed in a box containing 30  chewing gums.

What makes Saludbox Byestres so special?

Saludbox Byestres due to the gummie supplement form and its sublingual function, achieves a greater absorption of nutrients and improves their efficacy and absorption rate.

Which are Byestres active ingredients?

Tryptophan, Melissa officinalis and Scutellaria lateriflora

How many chewing gums can I chew every day?

The recommended dose of Saludbox Byestres is 2 chewing gums per day. it is advised not to exceed the daily dose.

Where can I find Saludbox Byestres?

Saludbox Byestres is distributed in pharmacies in Greece, in a packaging that contains 30 chewing gums.